Echoes – Harmony of Silence

Echoes – Harmony of Silence

“Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.”
― Ludwig van Beethoven

Why am I starting this with a Beethoven Quote?
Because the place I am gonna talk about and Beethoven had something in common. They both create wonders even with lack of abilities that me and you have. Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to Echoes!


Echoes is a brain child of Shivansh Kanwar, Kshitij Behl and Sahil Gulati and they first started this cafe in Delhi and was an Instant hit. Thanks to them they brought this idea to Namma Bengaluru and in the heart of the food hub, Koramangala. What you can see here is people not only feel warmth in their food but in the service as well. The key to this is Hospitality that you never felt or seen. Serving customers is a skill but Serving them well is something that has to come from the heart and these guys master in this. Speak with your hands, listen with your eyes is the mantra for everyone in the café!. You have to witness this experience in person.

Note: The words might fail the experience felt in this place.

Concept: So Echoes is run by specially abled group of people who cant hear or talk but CAN COMMUNICATE. When you would like to call someone you just need to press the bell and the waiter is there to take your order. You just point at the dish you want and Voila they get it done. There is a special curated menu for basic things like asking for water, Thanking them and “Call for the manager”. Yes there is someone in the restaurant if you wish to talk to and clarify your doubts.

Call Notifier

Table Selection


Sign Boards


Ambience: 5/5
Easily one of the best ambience in a cafe I have ever witnessed. It’s customer friendly and waiter friendly. Perfectly themed. Brilliant lighting and nice quirky signboards to keep you looking for more. A selfie wall made of scrap to look awesome. The show stopper is the Tree shaped table right in the middle and it takes it all. A good place to hang out with your friends or that special someone. Echoes got this one right!



So What’s on my plate in Echoes?

I was back from a lunch meet up and hence I tasted very little of all of these as I did not want to miss the launch of this amazing place.

Stuffed Shrooms Tikka: This mushroom tikka was perfectly cooked with basic masala to kick start the food affair. A must try for the veggies.

Stuffed Shrooms Tikka

Baked Cheesy Nachos: This is easily one of my fav. Why? It has Nachos and its topped with loaded with Cheese. Check the picture out. There is so much love on that dish. #MUSTORDER

Baked Cheesy Nachos

Veg and Non Veg Tandoori Momos: This was perfectly cooked and lot of my friends loved this. However I am not a huge tandoori momo fan so this one is not my pick.

Chicken Tandoori Momos

Kalmi Kabab (Not sure about the actual Name) : This was cooked just perfect and if you are an avid kalmi lover then “Keep Kalm and order Kalmi”


Cream Cheese Baked Pasta and Pink world baked pasta: Two variants of course one was veg and one was non veg. These pastas is once again cooked with all the right ingredients (Love and Cheesy love) dip yourself in this amazing dish and forget everything else.

Makhani Pasta


Raju Veg Tiffin Service: A simple dish consisting of Rajma & Mattar Paneer with one butter roti and Rice. This is purely for a quick meal kind of a person. It was interesting so we ordered.

Raju Veg Tiffin

Fiery Chick : Showstopper Alert. While all these restaurants are creating this drama with food, Why should echoes step back. Just like how a magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat in a show, The moment I asked is there some dish which will make me go WOW. They got this on the table. It is Chicken wings that is Literally on fire. This wings was lit up with some alcohol for it to burn right on the table. An amazing drama to witness. Order it for your FB posts and be the person to choose the right dish to the table. The chicken flavor is a mix of secret spices. Something unique that I have never seen apart from Echoes!

Fiery Chick

BBQ Chicken Pizza and Veg Pizza: Thin crust pizzas doing its job. Not a big fan of these but if you are a pizza lover then this is value for your buck.

Paneer Makhani Pizza

Beverages :

Oreoffe : Coffee mixed with Oreos. Can there be a better combination? This shake was something that kept me sipping for a long duration. The first sip I said I am ordering this again but by the time I was done with it. I couldn’t dare another one.

Oreo Shake

Red Rave: This shake was blended with love and red velvet cake. If you have a thing for red velvet then this is a must try. I can bet it will be her fav drink.

Red Velvet

Cadbury Shake: So much chocolate this is heaven in a glass.

Nutella Shake

Pink Lemonade (Thats what I would love to call it): This was too sweet for my tastebuds. But a cooler for this hot summer for sure.


Overall Echoes is a MUST VISIT, for FOOD, AMBIENCE and definitely EXPERIENCE!

A little message from us to you!

Message from Echoes

You will not think twice when the bill is served cos you will still have a smile on your face that the bill can’t rub it off.

Try it and let us know what you think!

What’s on my plate? – #WOMPINDIA ranks this place 4.5/5

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