Foodie ME

Born in a traditional family and exposed to the ghee laden dosas early in the morning followed by an amalgamation of various ingredients and explosion of flavors for lunch with BisiBeleBhath, I have been raised on a steady diet of mouth watering South Indian food. However I was never satisfied just with the traditional and familiar and ventured out into trying out the unfamiliar Рbe it rich Mughlai food in the bylanes of Delhi or spicy and tangy chats on the beaches of Mumbai. From the food truck revolution in the US where I sampled the wonderful tacos and artisan sandwiches to the Microbrewery and Gourmet cooking revolution in Bangalore РI have followed my tastebuds faithfully into the unfamiliar but exotic and exciting. I would consider it blasphemous to call myself just a foodie РI am a devotee and worshiper of food. On #WompIndia I will chronicle my experiences while exploring the unexplored and of course the well known and familiar food havens across the globe.


– Vinay Nagaraju


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