Simple, Affordable, DIY Gourmet Kit you should try : KitFresh

Simple, Affordable, DIY Gourmet Kit you should try : KitFresh

If someone has 10 Million of his cookbooks sold and whose website clocks 25 Million hits for recipes and has a 24 Hour Channel dedicated for food and recipes and has a longest-running TV show of its kind in Asia, which broadcasts in 120 countries, had more than 500 million viewers back in 2010 itself and if this Genius comes in front of you and you get a chance to meet him in person and discuss the changing food culture in our country what do you do?

You seize the moment right? Yes, we did the same too.


I am talking about no one else but the man himself who is ranked as the top 5 celebrity chefs in the world. Chef SANJEEV KAPOOR. I was awestruck about his reach back in 2011 when I had read this article titled “Sanjeev Kapoor, India’s chef to millions” on Washington Post.

Well, this blog is not about him exactly but about his latest gift to everyone working from home and staying inside during the pandemic and unable to enjoy the Gourmet Food outside as usual. I was even more excited when I learned that I was going to be one of the first few in the country to experience this product. So when I was asked a choice to pick my fav, I requested for Burmese Khow Suey. This is a DIY kit that is very well thought and super easy to procure as its available on Amazon. Here is a link which you can use to buy the product from


This kit gets its full marks for one single point. The only thing you will need is the utensils to cook and utensils to serve the food. The kit includes freshly chopped veggies (Yes CHOPPED) and every minute ingredient that you will ever need The kit also includes step by step instructions which you can use to make the dish. One can follow the instructions and make the dish in under 30 minutes.


For Burmese Khow Suey, the steps were as follows,

Step 1: Boil water and add the Noodles, Soya, and veggies.
Step 2: Drain the water to a different container and store it while the Noodles, Veggies, and Soya are separated.
Step 3: Prepare the Paste by adding the paste provided into the stored water and heat it for around 7-12 minutes
Step 4: Add the Noodles and Veggies to the paste
Step 5: Garnish the Khow Suey with Fried onions, Nuts, fried noodles, etc.

Serve in a bowl and wait for the reaction from the first bite you take. It’s that simple.

We loved the food that got prepared in such a little time. The Khow Suey had that perfect taste and the fried noodles gave that crunchy effect for that Khow Suey that it requires. The best part is the dish tastes exactly like how it tastes in a Fine Dine Restaurant. I would highly recommend you guys to try this brilliant kit.

Thank you #KitFresh for making pandemic an easy one.

Here is the video of the entire step by step process on my Instagram Feed:


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