Month: July 2017

Sunday Carnival Brunch at JW Marriott

Sunday Carnival Brunch at JW Marriott

Some of my fondest memories as a child was going to these carnivals. These carnivals were nothing but all of my favorite things coming together. Friends, Games, Rides and street food. Now I am talking about things I did in early 90’s as a kid. 

Kempegowda International Airport Food Walk : A Culinary Journey within the walls of the Airport

Kempegowda International Airport Food Walk : A Culinary Journey within the walls of the Airport

I have always been a foodie and a frequent traveler but somehow have always been wary of eating on the go. While my appetite doesn’t reduce even when outbound on long international flights and my love for food certainly bears testimony to it, I have 

Shopping Experience of AtoZveggies at Nature’s Basket

Shopping Experience of AtoZveggies at Nature’s Basket

I have been reading quite a lot about adulteration and artificial ways of ripening vegetables and have been pretty skeptical about what goes in every time I cook or go vegetable shopping. I discovered a great gateway to good health this weekend as I went vegetable shopping with my dad to nature’s basket store in Koramangala.


While I always envision vegetable vendors as cruel doctors with their life-threatening injections to make their produce look sumptuous and fool the crowds into buying them, the quality of vegetables at Nature’s Basket relieved me of all my fears and inhibitions. I can now stay assured about my health as Grade A vegetable i.e the best quality produce from some of the best farms have found their way on Nature’s basket shelves. From aloo to Zucchini, regular and exotic, all varieties of vegetables are available and are 100% organic.


The big conglomerate has kept up with its name and built something valuable by introducing Nature’s basket. While I visited the store for the first time, it is pretty popular and aims at the availability of premium food for people. It is a venture by Godrej that lives up to the big name that the brand has built over nearly 120 years. A total of 29 stores in India are a part of nature’s basket fleet and are spreading goodness for the past 12 years starting from when the first store was established in Mumbai.Godrej means to ace the Gourmet food retailing space through Nature’s basket and they are doing a pretty good job in their lead up to the vision.


As I walked down the aisles of the store that exuded high quality right from the doorstep in everything from the interiors to the contents up for sale, I came across superior quality fruits and vegetables. The scent of fresh mangoes gushed into my nose and soon filled my heart. It has been long that I smelled fresh mangoes, I have always wondered why sumptuous looking mangoes don’t smell the same anymore. Artificial ripening and wrong farming practices do fill up pockets of the vendors but not the nutrition requirements of consumers.

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I haven’t been delighted enough by how vegetables look, not because they have been sprinkled with water over and over again, but because they are fresh and have been grown using the best organic farming practices. The vegetables and fruits were arranged neatly in shelves and I loved how I could pick everything without discriminating between two potatoes or beans, for each single piece in the lot was fresh and high quality.

The best part is the availability of rare vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, Zucchini, Dragonfruit and other exotic products from the imported farms. Many imported vegetables straight from the finest farms are also made available. Your pasta or lasagna need not wait for exotic vegetables anymore.


One need not worry about hygiene anymore as the store boasts of clean storage and hygienic facilities. I performed the wax test on various vegetables and was pleasantly surprised to not find any such additive to boost the vanity of the vegetables. You can even embrace convenience by opting for pre-cut vegetables and save your time of cutting and cleaning.

The commendable quality of greens and hand-picked freshness of all vegetables is sure a solution to all vegetable buying woes. The best part is that amazing quality is made available at the most competitive prices and various discount offers make it worth the buck. If you are also looking for the best quality vegetables at a great discount, visit nature’s basket and stay assured. If you are also looking for the best quality vegetables at a great discount, visit nature’s basket and stay assured, but the discount is only till July 9th.


Dry fruits, dairy, meat, gift hampers, specialty dressings, jams and sauces and other delicacies from across the world also find their space on Nature’s Basket shelves that have been well segregated to include everything in a manner that makes them easy to locate and compare. Dairy products also come in an overwhelming variety and dry fruits have been packaged well and a whole lot of variety is being offered.


The store also houses a wide spread of ready to cook meat collection. You have to see it to believe it.

My second favorite section in the store was the Tea Monk store which housed a wide variety of Green Tea. I was simply amazed with the combination of Orange, Lemongrass and Rose herbs infused into Green Tea. They provide you some samples to taste as well.


Flowers are gifts of the past after I have seen amazing gift hampers that bring together specialty products and make healthy and delicious gifts.


Your shopping cart will fill up quickly if you love your food and are concerned about the nutrition it entails. Have a look at my shopping cart when I checked out. Love shopping at Nature’s Basket



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