Sunday Carnival Brunch at JW Marriott

Sunday Carnival Brunch at JW Marriott

Some of my fondest memories as a child was going to these carnivals. These carnivals were nothing but all of my favorite things coming together. Friends, Games, Rides and street food. Now I am talking about things I did in early 90’s as a kid. These days with the busy schedules and all the developments the city has seen it is almost impossible to spot a carnival place. JW Marriott was about to make this belief wrong.

The street food has ensured to imbibe the fear of hygiene and quality of food and its taste due to which I would think thrice before even trying and forget the part I will let the kids go anywhere near it. The fact that I want to eat nice chats, Kebabs, Hot Dogs and all possible sweets makes me wish that fear is gone. While I always wished for something like this JW Marriott invited me to the Sunday Carnival to relive my good old memories.
Cup Cakes

Last Sunday When I walked into JW Marriott at around 12:30 PM I could spot a lot of kids running around the reception, Balloons flying and loud cheers. Boy I knew the day is going to be an experience I was looking for. As soon as I entered their restaurant JW Kitchen I saw a table where an arts teacher was surrounded by a bunch of kids trying their creative side. The visual was so awesome that I stood by there until a courteous staff reminded me that my table was ready. JW Marriott surely has the best ever staff I have come across.
Fun Events

I could smell the fresh popcorns being baked right there for kids to try as much as they can and what took me by surprise was a live cotton candy stall. I was surprised that I am seeing all this in JW Kitchen. This was not done by some vendor who was shabbily dressed but was done by the hotel staff. The kids has a ball of a time munching on these and of course the cupcakes and candies. The best part was the kids were not even monitored by the parents, when I asked one of the parents they smiled and said they are in safe hands of JW Marriott Staff.
Art Section
Arts 1
Arts 2
I was curious now to see what is in for us an adult and walked up to the bar to realize there were some custom cocktails prepared for the event alone. Mud Wine sangria basically wine is put in the fruits and soaked for 48 hours. Flavored Champagne with some homemade syrup hit the tables along with some exotic lemonade to quench the thirst for non-alcoholic drinkers.

Things were a lot happening on the outside of the restaurant, when I stepped outside I was welcomed into the actual carnival. I was awestruck to see so many people socializing with everyone and families coming together on a table for the meal. Hot Dog counter, Pasta counter, Stir-fry dishes, Kebabs, Chaats, a Huge BBQ & what not. These were just the live counters. Good part was that you don’t go and stand there. You can customize your requirements and then give your table number and it will be served. Isn’t that cool?
Hot Dogs
Tawa Counter
Sheekh Kebab
Hot Dog Stand

While I was strolling through these live counters I saw kids being involved in games. Now they were just not playing with some toys but real life size games that you see in a carnival. No not the Giant wheel but yes some really fun games like shooting the balloon, Merry go round, Jumping castle, cycling on a pool, Pot making and so on.
Water Cycling
Pot Making
Shooting Game
Cotton Candy

Once I was done with all these live counters and fun outside. I was back to the main place to have the main course (Yes I still had some space to eat). The JW kitchen had a huge spread as usual ranging from Biryani to exotic meats lined up. We had a few live counters here as well. There was a live dessert counter, which prepared my favorite crepe the way you want.
Fruit Cake

For anyone with sweet tooth trust me this place can make sure you don’t walk out craving for more. You will be satisfied with the desserts options here. In fact the desserts are as big as main course. This is why I love JW Kitchen; they give equal importance to Desserts as they do for the main course. This is totally a deal, which you will LOVE.


JW Kitchen
JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru,
24/1 VittalMallya Road,
Bengaluru 560001


Hotel Website
When: July 2nd onwards (Every Sunday)
12.30pm – 3.30pm

Pricing :
Kids – 1149 +taxes
Alcoholic – 3299 +taxes
Non-alcoholic – 2349 +taxes
Champagne – 4899 +taxes

For more details and reservations contact: Dhanraj Shetty: 8884494035