Kebab and Roti Festival at Golden Rice

Kebab and Roti Festival at Golden Rice

Golden Rice is a North Indian Restaurant serving some of the most authentic dishes from North India at Marathahalli. I visit Golden Rice regularly and always enjoyed the food there. I was here recently to try the most talked Kebab & Roti Festival and here’s my experience:

The menu is curated by one of the experienced Chef, Khayum Khan – a person who worked with many celebrated chefs across the country, and he’s quite innovative with his creations. The Kebab & Roti Festival has a few new veg and non veg dishes.

Started the afternoon on a cheesy note with Cheesy Charred Broccoli. If the mere word broccoli wasn’t enough to get you wondering how can it even be called a kebab – the chef has nailed it! These green, hearty, nutrition-packed veggie florets are charred to perfection with a marination of garlic-mayo. Served in cute papad cups, you’re sure to become a child at heart on seeing them.

Next up was Bhuna Tawa Gosht! Slow-cooked on the tawa, the meat mixes with all the spices only to create a delicious and juicy dish. A great combo with rotis!

Sizzling brownie, a classic dessert. A chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice-cream on top served with a generous pouring of melted chocolate sauce on the ice-cream on a sizzler pan!

Indulgence in every way and loved the hot kebabs! Will definitely be back for more! The festival is on until 15th July 2018.